Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance protects you against losses relating to damage to, or loss of information from, IT systems and networks. It can assist with incident management and cover you for the costs of data breaches and damage to your business caused by hackers.

Standard business insurance won’t cover ‘e-risks’ as these are considered intangible. Cyber insurance is designed to offer this cover.

Do I need it?

Does your company…

  • Store personal information about private individuals (e.g. customers or employees)?
  • Use cloud IT services?
  • Have a website?
  • Allow employees to send emails externally or access computer systems remotely?
  • Use computer systems for processing or manufacturing?

If the answer to any of these is ‘yes’, you should consider purchasing cyber liability insurance. Read more in our article on the subject.

What does it cover?

Common cyber insurance covers include:

  • Breach costs – covers you for costs incurred in the event of unauthorised access of personal data;
  • Cyber business interruption – covers you for loss of income caused by a hacker, including damage to reputation;
  • Hacker damage – covers you for losses caused by a hacker damaging, destroying, altering, corrupting, copying or misusing your computer system, programs or electronic data;
  • Cyber extortion – will pay ransom demands in the event of an illegal threat to damage your computer systems or data;
  • Privacy protection – covers you for dispute settlements and the costs of regulatory awards or investigations in the event of a claim against you for an actual or alleged breach of your duty to protect personal data, or a breach of confidence; and
  • Media liability – covers you in the event of a claim against you alleging IP infringement, defamation or negligent transmission of a virus arising from the use of your email, website, intranet or extranet.

To find out more or for a free quote, contact a member of our team.

Covers can vary so always read your policy documents carefully.