February 2016

March 2016 sees the launch of the new 16 registration plate and its one of the busiest times for the automotive industry.

UK new car sales for March 2015 were a record 492,774, up 6% from March 2014. Similar numbers are expected this year and with 80% of new cars being purchased on finance, more consumers are taking out GAP insurance to protect against a financial shortfall in the event their car is written off.

Dealers historically have the monopoly of the market and will be offering GAP Insurance to as many customers as possible at hugely inflated premiums. However under new FCA regulations dealers must now provide a 4 day deferment period before they can conclude the GAP sale, to allow the customer time to shop around for alternative providers.

This is great news for you, because as your brokers we do not fall under the same rules and can offer GAP the same day the vehicle is purchased and for can search for the best rate for you.

Remember GAP is for second hand vehicles too.

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