Risk Management

Assisting with risk management issues can only be a good thing. We have found over many years, working proactively to prevent risks is not only a legal obligation, but could also achieve premium savings.

More importantly, saving downtime and effecting a business continuity plan is essential for the smooth running of any business.

We offer advice and can recommend reputable companies to implement any requirements.

Health & Safety

Running a safer business contributes to its security and stability. By making recommendations to change the way you manage your risk today, can help safeguard your business for tomorrow. We assist in making recommendations to deal with any complexities your business faces for the long term benefit of your organisation and employees.

We provide guides and assist in the implementation of any recommendations.

Risk Assessment

By working closely with your insurer, we have developed various solutions where your business or employees could benefit from improved practices and security. In turn this can achieve premium discounts when negotiating your insurance renewal and further we can recommend reputable companies to implement any requirements.

Often we can provide a risk improvement programme and offer risk management guides and technical guides to assist with most subjects.

Environmental Issues

We have a wealth of knowledge being a registered ISO 14001 company, having a clear understanding of exposed risks and legislation. Being familiar with environmental management systems, we are able to advise and recommend an improvement programme to assist with any potentially exposed or vulnerable areas of your business.

Furthermore we have access to specialist consultants when dealing with not only property, but contaminated land and other legal issues.

Caring for the environment is important to us and we have found a partnership approach, particularly in this area has been most beneficial to our clients. That’s why organisations ranging global corporates to sole traders rely on us.

HR Services

We deliver solutions that fit with organisational goals that enable clients to benefit their business. Assisting with your company’s contractual requirements and procedures to make your business safer and further cutting through bureaucracy and red tape could save considerable future inconvenience in the event that plans and recommendations are not adopted.

We endeavour to help by providing appropriate solutions, including a personal consultant and advice assistance.