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Wearable technology and its insurance implications

Even if you’re not familiar with the term ‘wearable technology’, it’s likely you’re familiar with the devices themselves. Wearable technology can be broadly defined as small electronic devices that are in some way worn on the body. These devices are often able to track, collect and store various data, such as the driving, exercise and other behaviours of the people wearing them. Continue reading

New texting while driving regulations

New government regulations expected to come into force this year mean drivers caught texting at the wheel will face much tougher consequences.

With mobile phones being the hub of our daily lives, many – not just the young – can’t get through the day without their device. We will all know someone who just can’t ignore the sound of a text, needing to look immediately and to send a reply. It doesn’t matter what they are doing, even if it’s driving. Continue reading

Cyber Security

In recent times, cyber security has been moving to the forefront of people’s minds, largely due to some high profile attacks. The key to helping combat the risks all companies face is knowing what these risks are. To help companies survive following such an attack, particularly small to medium sized businesses, it is crucial there is adequate insurance cover in place. Continue reading

Risks and rewards of using personal devices for work

  • Up to 47% of people in the SME industry now use their personal mobile devices for work purposes
  • Employees could inadvertently expose company data through use of personal devices
  • However, staff using their own devices at work could help boost efficiency and effectiveness
  • SME’s should consider enabling their workforce through a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy which seeks to minimise risk

Safeguarding their IT network is already a challenge for many companies. Add to this the trend for employees to use their own tablets and smartphones at work, and keeping your corporate network safe becomes a serious headache.

But, as long as employers follow careful steps, staff using their own devices at work could help boost efficiency and effectiveness and be something businesses should embrace, rather than fear.

Continue reading